As part of MSCI Inc.’s benefits package, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of additional programs that can help you save money and access valuable services.

You can only elect coverage with the Legal Plan as a new hire or during our annu​​al Open Enrollment window. Our other Voluntary benefits and programs may be elected at any time during the year.


Commuter Benefits

MSCI Inc.’s transportation reimbursement program helps you save money on commuting costs, including transit and parking expenses. It works much like a Flexible Spending Account — you elect to have a portion of your pre-tax income transferred to an account, which you can use to reimburse yourself for transportation expenses.

How much can you contribute?

There are separate contribution limits for transit and parking expenses:

  • Transit: up to $315 per month
  • Parking: up to $315 per month

You may elect to participate or change your contribution amounts anytime during the year by going to the Optum Financial website. Under current IRS and applicable Treasury regulations, compensations reduction amounts are not returnable or refundable.

You may elect or change commuter benefits at any time during the year.


Pet Insurance

MSCI Inc.’s Pet Insurance, available through Nationwide, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can get help paying for pet care. You can use any veterinarian, anywhere in the world. Coverage includes surgeries, lab fees, x-rays, prescriptions and more, and offers unlimited access to a 24-hour vet helpline for veterinary care. Optional wellness coverage is available and includes spay/neuter, dental cleaning, exams, vaccinations and more.

To enroll, visit Nationwide. You will not enroll for Pet Insurance through Workday. You may elect this benefit during Open Enrollment or at any time during the year.


Auto & Home

MSCI Inc.’s Auto & Home coverage, available through Farmers GroupSelect, offers valuable group discounts on auto and home policies, along with special benefits and enhanced coverages. A variety of policies are available, including:

  • Condo insurance
  • Renter’s insurance
  • Recreational vehicle coverage
  • and many more!

Additionally, you can bundle your home and auto policies and enjoy greater savings and conveniences.

Quick and simple online shopping and service experiences make it easier for you to get the right coverage. To enroll, visit Farmers GroupSelect. You will not enroll for Auto & Home Insurance through Workday. You may elect this benefit during Open Enrollment or at any time during the year.


Identity Theft Protection

Services from ID Watchdog monitor your personal and financial information, detect fraud, and restore your identity in the event of theft. Benefits include:

  • Credit Monitoring: You receive credit monitoring from one or all three nationwide credit bureaus (Equifax®, TransUnion®, Experian®), depending on your selected plan.
  • Advanced Identity Monitoring: We scour billions of public records, licenses, and certifications to search for signs of potential identity theft.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: We scan websites, chat rooms, and other forums known for trafficking stolen personal and financial information.
  • Case Management and Resolution: Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists (CITRMS®) fully manage your case until it is resolved.

Enjoy peace of mind from knowing you’re protected and will have a professional expert by your side if you need to resolve any identity-related issues.

What does it cost?

The monthly cost of ID Watchdog is $7.95 for single coverage and $9.95 for family coverage, deducted from your pay on an after-tax basis.

You may elect or change identity theft benefits at any time during the year.


Legal Plan

MSCI Inc.’s group legal plan through ARAG (access code 10459msc) offers unlimited access to professional, credentialed attorneys for a wide range of legal services, such as:

  • Consumer protection
  • Debt
  • Estate planning
  • Family law
  • Identity theft protection
  • Real estate
  • Taxes

When you use ARAG network attorneys, most services are covered at 100%. With network attorneys available in person, by phone, or by email and online tools to do-it-yourself or plan your next move—it’s easy to get legal help. And for certain legal matters, your attorney can represent you in court without you having to make an appearance.

What does it cost?

The cost of group legal plan coverage is $24.24 per month, deducted from your pay on an after-tax basis.

You may elect or change group legal benefits when you enroll for benefits as a New Hire or during Open Enrollment.


Health Advocacy

MyAdvocate provides a personal advocate to assist you, your spouse/domestic partner, dependent children, parents/parents in-law with navigating the health care system and can provide:

  • Benefits education and plan information,
  • Coordination of Care,
  • Billing and claims assistance,
  • And much more!

This coverage is provided at no cost to you and covered automatically without needing to enroll. To get started, visit MyAdvocate.


MSK Direct

MSCI has partnered with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) to offer MSK Direct, a unique program that provides guided access to exceptional cancer treatment for MSCI employees and their family members by contacting an MSK Care Advisor directly at (844) 506-0589 Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. ET.

The MSK Direct benefit allows all US employees and their families the ability to obtain assistance with the following:

  • Scheduling an initial appointment at MSK, usually within two business days;
  • Help in gathering the necessary medical records for the initial appointment;
  • Meeting patients at their initial appointment to provide support, logistical assistance, and introductions to members of the patient’s clinical team;
  • Recommending a local facility for those who live far from MSK and prefer to be treated closer to home; and
  • Facilitating remote second opinions for those who are unable to travel to MSK (out-of-pocket fees apply).

Under this partnership, you will now have access to a team from one of the top hospitals for cancer care in the country, including experienced nurses, social workers and care advisors who can provide practical and emotional support as needed.

You do not need to live near an MSK facility to get care! For remote care close to home, MSK doctors and nurses will collaborate with your local doctors to provide a comprehensive diagnosis from pathologists and radiologists specialized in your specific type of cancer, based on tissue samples, original imaging, and genetic testing (when clinically appropriate), recommend the best hospitals close to where you live, using a proprietary tool only available from MSK, develop a treatment plan informed by a multidisciplinary team, that may include subspecialized MSK medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists, provide education and support to help identify clinical trials that could open up new treatment options, provide expert care through phone or video consultations between you, your MSK doctors, and your local doctors at key decision points in your care.

Eligibility is automatic and there is no additional charge to use the MSK Direct guided access program regardless of your medical plan enrollment with MSCI or if you are enrolled in a spouse’s plan. However, you are still responsible for standard out-of-pocket costs (i.e. co-pays, deductibles and coinsurance) based on your health plan enrollment. You should contact your health plan to determine your coverage for care at MSK.


Care@Work Back Up Care

Caring for your family while you are at work can often be a challenge. Whether it's after-school care, caring for a child who is home ill or the responsibility for aging parents, sometimes you need additional support, even at a moment's notice. MSCI knows that life can be unpredictable, so to help alleviate life's unexpected challenges, we have benefits through Care@Work to support a productive work-life balance for our employees.

In addition to backup care for children and adults, you can use Care.com to find care and help for pets yourself and your household! Use Care.com even outside of work hours to find dog walkers, sitters & groomers, personal assistants, house cleaners, tutors, transportation assistance and so much more!

Families with children who have special needs can use Backup Care when their regular care is not available. Special needs in-home backup child caregivers must provide a reference that substantiates their specific experience or training with special needs. They may also provide proof that they have successfully completed training and/or have a certificate of completion. Care.com tracks the type of special needs experience each caregiver has in our fulfillment database so that we can match a parent's request to a caregiver with these specialized skillsets.

You can also access Distance Learning Support, including access to:

  • Caregivers: To help with traditional child care or to supervise Distance Learning
  • Tutors: To teach learning pods or for traditional tutoring
  • Care Share: To find other families to partner up with for a nanny share or learning pod

For more information, visit https://msci.care.com.