2023 New Hire Guide


Review your new hire benefits and learn how to enroll.

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Connect With Colleagues


Build your network by joining a business resource group at MSCI.

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Be Well and Stay Well


Learn about the health and wellness resources designed to support your overall well-being.

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Focus on Your Wellness in 2023

MSCI’s Wellbeing program has many resources to help you stay on top of your health, including dental care guides, tips for physical fitness and mental health assistance.

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How to get along even if you disagree

According to a recent poll, most Americans believe the biggest threat to their way of life is “other people in America.” This divisive attitude isn’t just affecting the country, it’s impacting friendships and families. Here’s how to work through your disagreements and find common ground.

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Mindfulness: A powerful prescription for anxiety

A recent study found that daily meditation was just as effective at treating anxiety as taking medication. Learn how to incorporate this proven stress-reducer into your life.

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Tips for a greener wallet and planet

With high prices continuing to cause financial stress for consumers, it’s time to get creative when looking for ways to spend less. Try these tips to save money and the planet, too!

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